People on the spiritual path tend to come together through what seem like random occurrences, yet if one looks deeper one finds that nothing is random. 

What is the purpose of life? And whom can we ask for the answer? 

These were the questions the film makers, Shiva Win & David De Palo, asked each other. The answer came in the form of an inspiration: Ask the people you come across. The answer will be given through them.   

So they set out on a journey interviewing twenty-one souls. No script. No plan. Just the absolute faith that the people would appear and the answers would come. It was their belief that hearing many different points of view through the voices of the people would somehow help others to find their truth, thereby accelerating the process of awakening for all. The evolution Shiva and David went through as interviewer and cinematographer was profound. And what they found was a simple truth; the Purpose of life is . . .

PURPOSE - Official Trailer 1

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